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Points to Ponder When Buying Used Stair Lifts

Providing mobility solutions for the elderly or the disabled is not just a matter of installing adaptive equipment that can help them move around, but ensuring that the equipment installed is right for their particular needs. Of course, practicality factors in as well, and as adaptive equipment such as a lift can be expensive, buying a used stair lift easily becomes an option. But there are things to consider when making a used stair lift purchase-important facets that affect not only the stair lift’s usability, but also the safety and convenience of the ones who will be using it.

Quality of Materials and Construction

A very important factor to consider is the overall stability, sturdiness, and quality of the used stair lift that you’re going to purchase. Obviously, second hand lift can be rusty, or can have damaged parts. Look a second hand stair lift over and see if there are any obvious scratches, dents, or damages-especially in the areas that mount your stair railing or the wall and parts that connect to the chair as well as the chair itself. Check the cable belt or the rack and pinion system that hoists the lift too, as well as the connection to the mains power supply or the condition of the rechargeable batteries if that’s the power source.

Smooth Function

Don’t hesitate to try the stair lift out. See if it functions the way it should, and if it can properly and smoothly give the persons using it a ride up and down the stairs. Always keep in mind the safety, convenience, and the ease the user would experience using the used stair lift. Also check additional features, like the seat belts, sensors, and remote controls, if any. Make sure they are still working and are in good condition.

Check for Extra Modifications Necessary and if the Lift can Handle it

Upon installation and whenever a lift would require maintenance, additional modifications and work will need to be

Used Stair Lifts

Used Stair Lifts

done on it. Given that you’re buying second hand, see if it can take a good number of modifications and repair first. You don’t want to buy it right off the bat and see it fall to pieces when the installation technician modifies parts of it for installation.

Expenditure for the Entire Purchase

How much you spend for the used stair lift not only depends on the lift-you also need to take into account parts that need repair or replacement, installation costs, and modifications. Would the accumulated cost of all these be almost the same or even more expensive than the accumulated costs of buying and installing a brand new one? If this is the case, forget buying a used lift and go for a new one.

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