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The Cost of Buying 2nd Hand Stair Lifts

So you’ve considered all other alternatives and compared their respective pros and cons, and you’ve decided on relying on a stair lift for your everyday mobility needs when going up and down the stairs. But then you hit a snag-your financial capabilities are limited. Don’t fret, there are always ways to get a good deal on stair ifts, or you can just buy a 2nd hand stairway glide.

Factoring in All Expenses

First, reconsider how much you are willing-or simply capable-on allotting to buying yourself a stair lift. Once you have a pretty good estimate, you can start looking around for a suitable lift itinerary you can then choose from. Once you’ve lined up a few good models of lifts from reliable manufacturers that have retail suppliers (online or brick and mortar stores) you can trust, you then choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget. But wait, you’re not good to go yet.

After all that, you should do some research on additional expenses: installation, possible modifications, parts, and repairs. Not to mention maintenance. After all that you should realize what a costly investment a stair lift is, and you should also see why a 2nd hand stairway glide is a good option.

Don’t worry about not being able to find a decent 2nd hand stairway glide for your needs. Look in the right places and be scrutinizing and careful when selecting one and you can get a good unit. Again, the 2nd hand lift is not the only expense you need to consider-in fact the additional expenses will vary when buying a 2nd hand stair lift. Older lifts require older parts-they could be cheaper or more expensive. A 2nd hand lifts might require some repairs before installation; replacement parts might also be needed.

2nd Hand Should be Cheaper than Brand New

Having said that additional expenses will be different when buying a 2nd hand lift as compared to buying brand new, you’ll need to ensure that the original goal of getting a better bargain is not lost. A 2nd hand stair lift will require more repairs, spare parts, and more frequent maintenance than a brand new one. A 2nd hand stair lift might also require parts and service that you can’t easily get or avail of. All of these should factor into your computations to make sure that you actually save money when buying a 2nd hand stair lift.

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