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The Best Stair Lift: Function, Features, Price, or All of the Above?

There are many different aspects you may want to look for in the best stair lift, but you can’t find one ultimate lift that has the best of everything and can sufficiently meet all your needs, wants, and expectations. So your best bet for getting the best lift for you is looking at what aspect of a lift you need the most.

Best by Function

Stair lifts have one main function: helping the handicapped climb up and down the stairs. If you want the best stair lift to have the best function, then you should look for the most efficient lift that offers the smoothest ride.

Most modern stair lifts favor a rack and pinion system over the old cable belt to hoist mounted chairs up and down the stairs. The rack and pinion setup does indeed offer a smoother ride compared to its predecessor, so you should find a lift that has one. Also, some designs have slow start and finish functions that get rid of sudden jerking movements when starting or stopping. The best lift in terms of function is the one that gives you the ride you like the most.

Best by Features

IF you’re fine with a lift’s function so long as it gets you easily and safely up and down a flight of stairs, then you might want to look at a particular lift’s features. The best lift in terms of features has additional (and perhaps optional) features that help the lift achieve one or all of its goals, namely: the handicapped person’s ease, convenience, safety, and comfort.

Seat belts advocate and sensors safety. Remote controls advocate convenience and ease of use. Take a look at the stair lift’s features and see if you can make the most out of them and if they’re not superfluous to the stair lift’s main function.

Best by Price

Of course, if you’re constrained by a tight budget, the best lift might be the cheapest one that can offer a decent ride and a host of perfunctory features. If that’s the case, try simple stair lifts that run on cable best and similar old fashioned technology. They’re straightforward lifts that do their job without the hefty price tag.

Well Balanced Mix of All Three

And then you might be looking for the perfect combination of all three aspects. And summing all things up, the best lift should indeed reflect the best of all three aspects put together and tailor suited to your preferences of course.

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