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Tips to Remember When Picking Wheelchair Handicap Stair Lift

When acquiring any type of wheelchair handicap stair lift, there are numerous factors which you need to consider in order to make a good and informed decision. By picking the wrong choice of stair lift, it could be uncomfortable and dangerous for the person using it. There are different things that you should keep in mind when picking the right type of wheelchair stair lift like the extent of the disability of the person using it.

You need to verify if the individual who will be utilizing the wheelchair handicap stair lift can remove themselves out of the wheelchair without any help at all and seat themselves on the wheelchair stair lift? Can they stand on their own without placing unnecessary weight on their feet without any complications? If the answer on both questions is no and the person cannot transfer themselves to the wheelchair stair lift from the wheelchair or vice versa without any help, then you may want to do something else like constructing an elevator, which will give the individual a better option of accessing the upper areas of their home.

Another consideration is that can they press a button? Most handicap wheelchair stair lifts require the individual utilizing it to be able to push down a button which sends the equipment up and down the stair lift. If the person is not able to accomplish this basic condition, then you need look for equipment which the handicapped can use instead of a wheelchair handicap stair lift. You should also make sure if they have some degree of control over the upper part of their body.

If they do not have that capability to move their upper body on their own they will not be able to transfer themselves on the chair of the wheelchair handicap stair lift and they may accidentally slide down as the stair lift starts to move. It is also important to consider if the stair lift that you will choose possess a safety belt feature. Most models of wheelchair stair lifts offer a safety belt option. But if you want to save cash and plans to purchase a used stair lift then you should check if it has a safety belt.

If it does not have a safety belt, make sure that you get one fitted to the stair lift. Even if it has a safety belt feature it is very important that you examine it if it is still in excellent condition. These reminders will help you pick the wheelchair handicap stair lift that will suit your specifications and the needs of your love ones who have a handicap.