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The Complete Guide To Chair Stairlifts

What worries you most when you’ve got an elderly person or an invalid in your home?

I’m sure, one of your worries involve the times when they have to go up and down the stairs without your or somebody else’s assistance.

Points to Consider

After all, a lot of accidents can happen when using the stairs. Just one misstep and you could tumble down to your death. Just one miscalculation and you could sprain your ankle or knee. Hence, the need for a chair stairlift.

And because we want the best for our readers, here’s the guide that all consumers have been waiting for in relation to stairlifts. Here, we have listed a number of features or things to look for when you’re browsing for chair stairlift products.

Drive Type

There are exactly four drive types of chair stairlifts that are still being sold in the market. The rack and pinion drive type is the one most liked by consumers because of several reasons. First, with a rack and pinion drive type of chair stairlifts, you’ll have a smoother running machine that’s less noisy compared to those using other drive types.

Chair stairlifts using rack and pinion are also supposedly safer, much more so if you choose one with hidden gears. Those with visible gears may be potentially dangerous to children because of the pointed edges of gear teeth. With a rack and pinion drive type of chair stairlifts, also, the passenger or user may also set the speed he prefers. Just make sure to clean and lubricate the gears regularly to avoid mechanical failures and glitches.

Rail Or Track

This is the part of the product that’s attached to the stairs. There are simply two types of rails or tracks for stairlift products: steel and aluminum. Chair stairlifts with steel tracks are usually custom made while stairlift products with aluminum rails are usually used for normal straight-type staircases because it’s comparatively lighter to steel and interchangeable.


Again, there are just two types of power used to make chair stairlifts run: AC or DC. According to reviews made on chair stairlifts, DC powered stairlifts are safer and can assure smoother running products. If you go for an AC powered chair stairlift product, be aware that some states prohibit self-installation of AC powered products so you may be required to hire the services of a technician to have the chair stairlifts properly installed in your home.

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