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Stair lifts are also called stair glides and they can be the best solution to accessibility problems at home. It can safely take the passenger up a flight of stairs safely. Ascending and descending becomes very comfortable for the user and for the caregivers. A good stair lift should just glide from one level to another. This is not just for the people with disabilities because people with knee problems like those who had an accident and those suffering with arthritis like the elderly can use it too.

Webb Medical is a company that offers different models of stair lifts for home use and for use in buildings. The people with limited accessibility can now enjoy getting access to every room in the house. Webb Medical offers stair lifts for people with curved and straight staircases. They offer the stair lifts made by the Bruno Company. They also have the outdoor stair lift that can carry anything that weighs four hundred pounds.

Webb Medical does not only offer stair lifts made with the highest quality parts, they also strive to become partners of the consumers in choosing the right model of stair lift for them. They help interested buyers know the best model that will fit their budget and satisfy their needs for a stair lift. Below are some of the things they also offer:

1. Installation by a trained professional.

2. Rental of stair lifts

3. After sales service for maintenance of the unit and repairing any damage

4. Webb Medical also buys stair lifts from consumers who are not using their stair lifts anymore.

Webb Medical is an exclusive distributor of the Bruno stair lifts. The following are the models they are selling.

1. Electra-Ride LT –
This is the Bruno stair lift that has an economical price. It also performs smoothly and users find this model very comfortable to use.

2. Electra-Ride II – This stair lift makes ascending the stairs and descending it a safe and comfortable ride.

3. Electra-Ride Elite – This has a superior style and it is popular for good craftsmanship. This model is also known as SRE-2010 that has a compact or ergonomic design that performs well. It is popular for sophistication and elegance.

4. Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor – This is the Bruno stair lift that you can use outside the house like in the veranda. This is a durable model that has been made to withstand any kind of weather.

5. Electra-Ride III Curved Rail – This is the Bruno stair lift for the curved staircase. It gives a safe way to manage a curved staircase. It can be installed in any kind of curved stairway.


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