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When Buying 2nd Hand Stair Lifts

You need a stair lift but you cannot afford the new ones and so, the remaining option for you is to find a suitable used or reconditioned stair lift.  But if you carelessly purchase a second-hand stair lift, you may end up spending more than buying a new one.  To avoid this, here are some things that you must consider.

When you are considering a certain stair lift, it would best if you purchase it from its manufacturer or an authorized company that deals with reconditioned stair lifts.  Both the manufacturer and the authorized company would ensure that the stair lift you are buying, even if it is already used, still meets the standard safety requirements.  Sometimes, a guarantee would be provided, although this guarantee would not be as intensive as the one given to new stair lifts.

The rail or track of a second hand straight stair lift can be used and adjusted to fit your own staircase.  If this track was mounted by the former owners on the left side of the stairs, it can also be placed on the right side of the staircase of the new owner.  There will be some adjustments, such as the position of the seat.  The extent of adjustments will depend on the model of the stair lift. All you need to do is make sure that the track is long enough for your stairs.  Do not rely solely on the number of steps.  The track’s length should be measured.  Some people who chose to buy a used track claimed to save about £900.

The track of a used curved stair lift, however, is a different situation.  It is recommended that when you have a curved staircase, you buy a new custom-made track, but you may take a second hand seat unit and motor.  You may save an additional £900 when you opt for this set up than when you buy a new complete set of curved stair lift.

Be wary of the stair lift’s model.  If it is too old, chances are that you will not find a supplier of its parts because the parts are obsolete.  If a part of this second hand stair lift malfunctions, you won’t locate a replacement and this stair lift is as good as useless.  Thus, it would be best to check first if the manufacturer of the stair lift is still in business.  Replacement parts can be obtained from the original manufacturer.

Do not attempt to install the stair lift by yourself.  It would safer and wiser if the manufacturer or authorized dealer would install the stair lift.  They have the expertise to appraise accurately the compatibility of the stair lift and your staircase.  You may also arrange with the dealer a service or maintenance contract, because you cannot predict if there would be no mechanical kinks.  An annual maintenance is highly recommended for all types of stair lifts, whether old or new.