Stair Lift Reviews


The Parts of the Levant Stair Lift

ThyssenKrupp is a reliable company manufacturing stair lifts. They supply stair lifts in different countries. Levant is one of the stair lift models ThyssenKrupp offers. Below are the parts and description of the Levant stair lift:

1. Seat – The Levant seat has an ergonomic design. It makes the travel very smooth and convenient for the user. It is wide and gives a lot of space to seat. It can be folded after each use there will be more space on the stairway. It can carry things as heavy as three hundred pounds. The color of the seat, leg and drive are all coordinated making it a nice home decoration as well. The seat also has enough padding that is soft and thick. The padding has a neutral hue that is also fire retardant. It repels liquid making cleaning it very easy.

2. Seat Belt – The Levant seat belt is very simple and to secure it the user just have to click it once. The user can also extend the length for more comfort.

3. Control Unit –
The control unit is so easy to use. The features are also reliable and very user-friendly.

4. Swivel Handle – This is a handle for the seat that enables it to swivel. This is a safety feature that lets the user control the position of the seat.

5. Footrest – The Levant footrest is wide that makes the feet of the user feel so much comfort. The color is also gray which means that stains from the user’s shoes will not appear easily because of the dark color. It also has sensors that can be found along the edges. They detect any obstacle and stops the unit from going on further.

6. Drive – The size of the drive fits the seat and the leg of the chair exactly which gives it a polished look. The call and sending stations also have a sleek image that goes well with the drive. There is also and on and off switch that keeps the unit from going down even when it has not been in use for a long time.

7. Levant Battery – The lifespan of Levant’s battery also lasts for a longer time than other stair lift batteries.

8. Rail – The rail is made of aluminum. The design is very slim and anodized making it easy to clean.

9. Safety Features – The Levant stair lift complies with the standards by ETL and CE so users can feel confident that the equipment is guaranteed safe.

10. Hold button – This button can be pressed by the users when they want it to stop especially during emergency instances.