Stair Lift Reviews


Comparing New and Used Stair lifts

Should you buy a new stair lift or a used or reconditioned one?  That would depend on your specific needs and capacities.  To make a more informed choice, you must be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of new stair lifts and of the reconditioned ones.

New stair lifts usually have a warranty from the manufacturer and it can be custom-made to perfectly fit your staircase. If your staircase is curved or spiral, you would find it difficult to find a used stair lift that will be exact or near exact the angle of the stair’s curve.  Getting a new stair lift is also faster that waiting for a reconditioned one since the parts for assembling a new stair lift are readily available.  With new stair lifts, you can specify features that must be present.  That is, you may request for buttons to operate the lift, instead of a joystick.  And if the person who will use the stair lift is tall, you may have the height of the seat adjusted.

There also disadvantages when purchasing a new stair lift.  It is definitely more expensive that used ones.  If you are getting the newest model, there might some operational kinks that the manufacturer has not yet resolved.  While new straight stair lifts can be delivered almost immediately, the curved ones may take about three to ten weeks before these are ready.

Reconditioned stair lifts have several advantages too.  First, these are more affordable than new ones.  Some people who patronize used straight stair lifts claim that one can save between $300 to $1500.  If you would choose a used stair lift manufactured by a brand known for its quality, then it would be like buying the new one.

Used stair lifts have their own disadvantages, such as less warranty.  A reconditioned stair lift may need more maintenance service than a new one.  And if one part malfunctions, it would be quite difficult to find a replacement since used stair lifts are old models which parts have been phased out and no longer manufactured.  This means that most used stair lifts are obsolete.  Then, it might also take a longer time in finding the right reconditioned stair lift, especially if your staircase is curved.  If your staircase is straight, there are still other factors to consider such as the length of the track, and the physical size and capabilities of the user.  The track utilized by the used stair lift should be long enough for your staircase.  But if your staircase is relatively long, finding a track with enough length would be a real challenge.  If the user of the stair lift experience back pains or could not bend the knees, you must find a stair lift with features such as “soft start” or a used stair lift that allows the user to stand.