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Residential Stair Chair Lift 101: General Knowledge on Stair Lifts

A normal task of going up and down the stairs can be simple enough for you to do but for a handicapped or disabled or an elderly, using the stairs is an arduous task, especially if they have to experience it daily just to do their usual activities at home. The good news is that there are now adaptive equipment to help them in doing such tasks. One such equipment is the residential stair chairlift that provides them a safe, convenient, and easy way to use the stairs.

What is Adaptive Equipment?

Adaptive equipment are devices that let disabled or handicapped individuals do the activities they would not be able to do on their own and without assistance because of their condition. Adaptive equipment help them achieve fulfillment in accomplishing their chores and thus help them live a fuller life. A residential stair chairlift is a useful adaptive equipment that aids an individual in using the stairs in his/her home with little to no assistance at all.

The Stair Chair Lift

A stair chairlift is helpful to persons whose motor skills are compromised due to their disabilities, as in the case of handicapped people, or due to their age, as in the case of most of our elderly. Thanks to such adaptive equipment as a residential stair chair lift, the disabled and the elderly would no longer require assistance every time they need to go up the stairs or back down.

In general, a stair lift uses a pulley-like system that hoists someone typically sitting on a mounted chair up and down the stairs. Stair lifts may employ a chair or a platform which is good for transporting persons who use wheelchairs. With a residential stair chair lift, the individual needing to go up the stairs will just have to sit down, buckle himself/herself up, and use the controls to take him/her upstairs or downstairs.

Residential Stair Chair Lift Before and Today

Residential stair chair lifts used to utilize the house’s main power supply and works on cable belts. A modern residential stair chairlift, on the other hand, uses a rack and pinion system for a more comfortable, smoother ride; although some still use the cable-belt technology. Rechargeable batteries are also used so the stair chair lift can still work even when the main power source is down. Some more highly advanced designs of residential stair chair lift include remote controls, sensors, and additional features for the safety and comfort of its users.

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