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Confused about what type of stairlift you need to buy and installed in your house? Wondering what type of stairlift would suit the needs of your loved one best?

Are you wondering if there are other additional accessories you could purchase for your stairlifts? If so, read on.


Indoor Stairlifts

This is the most popular type of stairlifts and is used for a variety of purposes. There are several kinds of indoor stairlifts that are out in the market. The features of indoor stairlifts are also more diverse compared to other types of stairlifts.

Take for example the SuperGlide Stairlift of Acorn. This type of indoor lift is manufactured with normal sized staircases in mind and comes packed with features.

Besides having lifetime warranty – which is an all-important feature when it comes to stairlifts. You may also expect, according to their website, maintenance free DC power supply, smooth start and stop action so the user or passenger won’t be jarred unnecessarily, a swivel seat and one that can be folded, a foot rest, infra-red remote controls & once again, a very important feature:  Electronic and mechanical braking systems – the latter is important just in case there are power shortages in your place & and a lockable isolation switch.

If your staircase is of the narrow type however you may still purchase one that has remote control but don’t expect so many features.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts have several features that are quite different from those manufactured for indoor purpose. Most importantly, this product must come with sufficient protection from leaves and snow to keep maintenance needs to a minimum.

Curved Type Stairlifts

These types of stairlifts are quite complex to manufacture and install so expect to pay a more expensive price for such a product. Curved type lifts are also custom built for the staircase in your home so it can’t be used anyplace else. Curved type stairlifts are also not as reliable as the normal type of stairlifts and operation of the product is not as smooth.


Sit and Stand Frame

This accessory which you can purchase would let your loved one choose whether he prefers to sit or stand while he goes up and down the stairs. It’s also preferable for stairlift products that would be used by more than one person and those with varying problems.

Some people who have problems bending their knees may simply prefer to stand while they ascend or descend the stairs, for example.


This is yet another optional accessory to guarantee additional safety.

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