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What You Need To Know About Stairlifts

The Important Features Of Stairlifts

Lifetime Warranty

Okay, this is how it works. There may be stairlift products that do not offer lifetime warranty but I can promise you that there are products that DO offer lifetime warranty. So which one do you think is better for you?

What to Look for in Stairlifts

If you’re alone, working two shifts and yet you or your loved one don’t want to hire a helper, you need stairlifts to ensure the safety of your loved one when he or she goes up and down the stairs and you’re not there to make sure that nothing untoward happens. If the stairs on your house are too steep that elderly people or people with health problems always have to watch their step, maybe it’s time to have stairlifts installed in your home.

Superior Quality

Remember the main reason why you’re purchasing stairlifts. That’s right. It’s to ensure that your loved one wouldn’t encounter any trouble as he goes up and down the stairs because all he has to do is sit, press a button then wait till he gets to where he wants to go. But with a stairlift product that’s made of poor quality, who knows what could happen?

What if it suddenly breaks down in the middle of the rail and causes an accident? Don’t take that risk if you don’t have to. Choose a stairlift product that’s made by a company known for reliable service.

Drive Type

There are about four drive types for stairlift products that you could buy, the rack and pinion drive type is by far the hands-down choice of most consumers because it’s safer and less noisy compared to stairlift products using other drive types. If you go for stairlift with this particular drive type, do make sure that gears are hidden to avoid causing injury to kids.

Power Supply

You’re sure to encounter more trouble than it’s worth when you purchase stairlift products that are using AC power supplies. Firstly, stairlifts with AC power supplies are said to be less reliable, noisier and are more difficult to install. In fact, some states still forbid people to personally install stairlifts using AC power supplies.

Accessories For Stairlifts

Sit and Stand Frame

If there is more than one person who’s going to use the stairlift and they may have different health complications, it might be sensible to purchase a sit and stand frame. That way, the user would then have the option to either sit or stand while using the stairlift.


This is self-explanatory.

Power Footrest

This accessory shall add to the comfort of passengers using the stairlift.

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