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Checklist Before Buying Wheelchair Stair Lifts

There are many manufacturers of stair lifts that can accommodate wheelchairs however many people get discouraged from buying them because the usual stairs cannot accommodate the platform that comes with it. There are other factors as well where using the stair lifts for wheelchairs may become more difficult. It is best to read the following things first before making your purchase.

1. The track or railing for this type of stair lift has to be mounted on the wall. It is not attached to the staircase. You should first think about the space in your staircase before buying your wheelchair stair lift.

2. The next consideration is the fact that this kind of stair lift comes with a load bearing wall that is attached directly to the wall. This load bearing wall carries the additional weight of the wheelchair unlike most systems for stair lifts that can be installed on the steps of the stairs. Most stair lifts for wheelchairs can carry up to five hundred pounds and this is the reason why it needs the load bearing wall.

3. A straight stair lift may be installed on a staircase that has twenty two inches of width. The wheelchair stair lift on the other hand has a platform which requires that staircases need to have a width of thirty six inches and most homes do not have a stairway with such width. The end of the stairway should also have six inches of space so the lift can have a proper landing that lets the user get out safely.

4. There should also be an electrical outlet near the stairs because the stair lifts for wheelchairs runs with electricity except for the remote which has batteries in them.

These are the basic things you need to know before getting a stair lift for a wheelchair user. Using a conventional stair lift is also possible however you have to carry the person or assist him for a transfer. This can give you more savings than having to renovate the stairs and the wall.

Stairways in most homes are straight and the models of stair lifts being manufactured today can fit most of them. You just have to exercise caution when transferring the user of the wheelchair and you can leave the wheelchair at the landing of the stairway. You can also purchase second hand stair lifts for wheelchairs however you should only buy them from online sellers.