Stair Lift Reviews


Different Parts of Stairlifts

Stairlifts are well-known for its beneficial effects especially to the handicap, disabled and the elderly. From the simple types of stairlifts originally introduced way back several years ago. The main reason behind its foremost invention was to primarily help a disabled wife who is weak and cannot afford to climb up the stairs. In response, the husband who is an entrepreneur comes up with an idea to make the first stairlift.

If you’re not convinced with the outstanding benefits offered by stairlifts then you should try to read and listen with the successful stories and testimonies by handicapped and old member of the society. If climbing the stairs which is a simple activity yet could be a frightening task to someone who has weak and with deformities. Thus, the need for stairlifts becomes a necessity. Most stairlifts are attached to the wall socket and is usually applicable for those with 2 or more floors houses. Stairlifts can also be used when you in the mall or other private establishments with stairways.

The main part of stairlifts is the carriage. It refers to the seat or the chair wherein the most weight of the user is seated. Safety is assured while using stairlifts. It can handle almost 300 pounds weight which is much greater compared to the weight of an average or obese person. This durability is ensured so as to secure the user and prevent accidents such as fall. Two arm rests are also seen as a typical part of the stairlift just like a wheelchair. Some stairlifts are wheelchair bound. It also has a foot plate to hold the feet while transport. Weak and disabled people are saved from undue fatigue and leg strain.
Many stairlifts are power operated with electric swivels attached to it. The issue of interruption springs out after power black out wherein the use of stairlifts is no longer applicable. Modern innovations respond to this problem thus there are so many battery operated stairlifts that are offered as part of the stairlift in the market these days.

Another notable part of stairlifts nowadays is that it is already packed with remote control to allow the use to operate the assistive machine. In line with this, independence is granted to them even in the smallest detail. Modern stairlifts are also offered with obstruction sensors. Thus, every user is really assured that stairlift are very safe to use. The obstruction sensor is another safeguard part feature for children.