Stair Lift Reviews


Ensuring Your Safety With Home Stairlifts

Getting old is a fact of life that we must accept. Sometimes because of our age, there are some common tasks that we can no longer perform because they are difficult and painful. For the elderly, one of the most challenging tasks is climbing stairs. Older people are usually hampered by mobility problems. If this is your case, considering home stairlifts can help solve your problem.

The popularity of residential lifts lies on the fact that they are convenient to use. All that you have to do is sit on the built-in chair, press the button, and you are now carried to your destination. Some lifts utilize a platform instead of a chair but majority still use the latter. It is difficult to maintain balance on a platform so more people prefer the seated variety.

In most cases, lifts adopt a track and car method. The former is directly assembled on the staircase and the latter moves up and down. Aluminum tracks are available in various pieces. They can be easily attached together and once bolted, they are completely safe.

There are two kinds of home stairlifts that are used at the moment namely the electric and battery powered. Both have their benefits but the battery powered is most recommended. During power failure, it can still be used. The disadvantage of this kind of lift is that it can be costly and more difficult to maintain because you need to replace the batteries once in a while. It is recommended that you replace the batteries once a year.

On the other hand, the electric powered lift is cheaper and has lesser maintenance cost. There is no need to replace batteries once a year. However, it is best to use the battery-operated lift since it poses no problem of malfunctioning.

In addition, home stairlifts can be used outdoors. However, not all of these devices can withstand the weather outside. Aside from that, they are more expensive but they are usually resistant to all kinds of substances.

Although these devices are waterproof, it is still best to be cautious in exposing it to elements. Keep it away from overhanging branches or installing gutters to protect the lift. It keeps the area surrounding the device from becoming slippery.

For the elderly and handicapped, moving up and down plight of stairs can be dangerous and installing a home stairlift can provide them the security that they need.