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How to Install Parts of Summit Max Stair Lift

The Summit Max stair lift can be installed easily by the buyer if they follow the manual accordingly. Below are some easy parts to install however you many need help for installing it because of its weight.

How to install the chassis

1.)Loosen up the splice bars. There are three of these. Slide them easily out until the middle and then tighten them. Set them and screw them up.

2) Slide the rail or the unit chassis into the topmost part of the stairs. Tighten the screws of the splice bars so you can lock them together. Remember that there can be a great damage if you don’t tighten the screws fully.

3) Take the shipping brackets off the rail. There are two brackets.

4) Connect the brackets to the chassis portion of the rail which is at the landing place on top of the stairs.

How to Install the Power Cord

1.First look for the cable for the power and plug it in the side of the cover of the upper rail and it would turn the green light on. This will tell you that it is getting the power.

2.If the light does not turn on then check for the fuse with a drawer that can be found underneath the outlet of the cord. If you are having a problem looking for the light it is better to stand at the end of the steps then look upwards to see what is under the stair lift.

3.Never get on the seat because the brackets are not fully anchored yet.

How to Install the Summit Max seat

1) Take off the screws attached. There are four screws that you can find on the side of the chassis. Remove them while taking note of the pattern of the hole that levels the whole seat.

2)Set the assembly of the seat above the chassis and then connect it loosely to the seat’s upper part. The front part should face downwards for the meantime. Attach the screws on both sides.

3) Tilt the seat backwards and then plug the cord into the three plugs. There are red, blue and yellow wires and then plug the seat’s safety wires into the yellow wires.

4) Lower down the seat’s front part to the chassis and then insert the screws on both sides to fully secure it. Make sure the seat is at a good level if not then unscrew it and the turn the seat until it is leveled and screw it back again.

5)Connect the seat belt using four of the screws. You should put the seat belt in the middle of the seat and the bracket that is found near the hole.

6)The seat should swivel if you lift one of the handles that can be found on both sides.