Stair Lift Reviews


Important Safety Features for Stair Lifts

The most important need for a stair lift in the house is the need for a safe way for the elderly members of the house or the disabled member to manage the stairs. There are certain features that should always be present to ensure that the end users are safe. The main focus of the buyers of stair lifts should concentrate on safety parts because the condition of the users is usually very delicate and they need protection always. The style and color should be considered after safety. Today however more stair lift brands have added many of the standard safety functions to be helpful to the users by making sure that they will be safe. The stability of the users should be the first indication of a safe stair lift.

First look for a stair lift that will fit the staircase and the budget that you have. You can buy a brand new unit or a refurbished stair lift as long as you see the following basic features:

1. The perfect stair lift should first detect any kind of object that will obstruct the way or the path of the stair lift. Many stair lifts already have at least six sensors or more that will recognize an object blocking its way. The sensors are meant to protect the equipment from damage and the user as well. It should also have surfaces that are sensitive to pressure. It will stop the carriage as son as it sees a blockage. It will also make the
unit stop in the right spot. There are sensors that can also limit the speed.

2. The children in the house or other users should also be protected. The unit you will buy should have a switch that can be locked so it would not operate. It also should operate with twenty four Volts of DC. This will eliminate the worry of an electrocution. This will save anyone from any electrical shock happening while it is working.
3. Another feature for safety that should not be overlooked is the brakes. It should be mechanical and automatic to avoid any uncontrollable descend of the unit. It should be able to begin and halt in a soft manner. This is important because the rider will avoid risking having a neck injury.

4. The seat should also be the swiveling kind to avoid the situation where the passenger falls while trying to get out of the unit.