Stair Lift Reviews


Stairlift Buyer’s Top 5 Questions

Users have its own stories behind the use of stairlift and it was passed from one person to another so continues recognition leads to its popularity. For this reason, more and more buyers have decided to purchase one. However, purchasing is not easy; its popularity actually goes hand in hand with questions. Buyers got a bunch of questions that needs to be answered in order for them to be convinced before buying a stairlift. Of course, they just want to get the best value for their money’s worth.

Cost is the top of priority, no doubt it. But regardless of the cost, let us see what are the top five questions that we might be hearing from a stairlift buyer. First is convenience and safety question. Is it safe and easy to use? Stairlift was invented with intense studies and experimentation. It comes with helpful and friendly features like seatbelt, footrest and armrest for ease and safety of transport. It has soft start and soft stop manner of motion that also comes with a sensor that can detect if there are any obstructions along the way and it will stop softly and safely. You will see buttons for controls that are easily manipulated but if the user has inability to control buttons, a joystick or toggle is advisable so it will be less pressure on fingers and wrist. There is also a device that act as a remote control that can be used by either the user or their assistant. Not only that, you will not here any noise while using a modern stairlift.

Second is power failure question. Can we still use it without power supply? Modern stairlift are both power and battery operated. The users will not find themselves stranded between floors once the power was shut down. It has a rechargeable battery that can be used in emergency situation. The battery was automatically charged once the stairlift is in park mode or not in use.

Third is stair issue question. Are there any restrictions for others to use the stairs once the stairlift was installed? How about for narrow stairs? The stairs should have a minimum width of 24 inches for the stairlift to fit but a perched stairlift can be installed if the stairs has below the minimum requirement for width. The stairlift can be parked either at the top or bottom of stairs when not in use and it can be folded which reduces the width to 30 cm so others can fully access the stairs.

Fourth is weight restriction question. Stairlift differs on how much weight it can bear but there are heavy duty stairlift models that can carry 150 kg – 180 kg.

Fifth is inability to sit question. For those who have difficulty bending knees and hips, there is a recommended perch stairlift in which the user can stand up during the transport.